Arima late harvest: the soul of 2015 summer

Arima late harvest: the soul of 2015 summer

We are very proud to announce that the 2015 vintage Arima (soul) late harvest sweet wine by Gorka Izagirre winery is now available.

The 2015 magnificent summer made the grapes reach a high ripeness point and therefore this vintage wine is particularly sweet, creamy and intense. In fact, with 105 g/l of residual sugar this is the sweetest Arima ever made in the winery.

The wine fermented in 500 liters french oak barrels. The wooden touches ensemble gloriously with the ripen fruit and honey aromas balance all together its fresh citric nature.

Since it was bottled in August 2016 this late harvest wine has been waiting the right moment to arise. We can safely say that we forecast an evolution into excellence of this still young but exuberant basque white wine.

Arima is the perfect companion not only for desserts but blue cheeses, black truffle, foie-gras or even marinades can match with this wine too. Enjoy Arima on its own, sharing and chatting around a table.