Ama, fully ripen, subtle and rounded wine

Ama, fully ripen, subtle and rounded wine

Ama is the latest creation of Gorka Izagirre winery. A selection of exceptionally ripen Hondarrabi Zerratia grapes harvested the 23rd October 2015, after the warmest summer for many years in the Basque Country. It is a wine making you develop feelings towards and shows a new horizon for the txakoli of Biscay.

Ama means “mother” in Basque language and brings us back to the origin, the land, the warmth, the strength, the simplicity, the elegance and the exclusivity. Marga, Pilar, Tilla, Ina, Mari, Tere, Choni, Olga, Maritere, Itzi, Lara, Miren, Vicenta and Eugeni are the persons behind those traits, our mothers, who we want to pay tribute with the most exceptional wine ever created at the winery.

Limited production

The Hondarrabia Zerratia grapes used for Ama were harvested at the single vineyard of Astoreka in Larrabetzu Biscay. From tear must, 90% was fermented in stainless steel tanks while the rest, 10% was kept in French-oak fine-grained barrels. After 2 month with its lees, both wines where blended and kept together in tanks for further 22 month until achieving the desired wine.

Ama was bottled the 21st of December 2017 and a limited edition of 5160 0.75l bottles and 418 1.5l Magnum bottles were produced. The wine is now available at

Tasting notes

Deep lemon colour, clean and bright. The golden nuances are a sign of elegance and reveal the ripeness of the wine. Medium plus intensity of flavours, very subtle, displaying white flowers and floral honey. Once the wine breaths for a few seconds, some gas and stony flavours show up. On the palate the wine is dry silky and round with a nice backbone of acidity. Smoky like aromas, yellow melon and toffee, English cream and lemon tree leaf. Layers on complexity will be developed along the years. A well balanced and surprising wine to understand the limits of txakoli wine.